The Tri-Cyclists Bicycle Racing Club is a competitive road-racing team composed of male and female cyclists of all levels of ability. We are committed to developing bike racers and to promoting cycling as a healthy, safe and fun way to get fit and stay fit. Most of our members live in Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

We have been a competitive bicycle racing since 1999. We have a highly educated and talented membership, including university faculty, scientists, executives, attorneys, and bicycle racers with state, national, and international accolades. We are a group of athletes from all walks of life who share the thrill of competition and teamwork, both on and off the race course.

The Tri-Cyclists Bicycle Racing Club is a developmental road racing club. As such, we:

  • Promote road racing and the development of racers
  • Offer structured workouts to our members
  • Are accessible to new riders and/or inexperienced racers
  • Are committed to the advocacy of competitive and safe cycling
  • Champion cycling as a team sport
  • Expect our members to volunteer for team events and to attract and promote sponsors